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How to play Google Snake Game:

A Quick look at how you can play this game on your browser

Click on the New Game
Click on the New Game

When you visit our website, on the main page, you will see the ‘New Game’ option. Either hit Enter or click on it to start your game.

Moving the Snake
Moving the Snake

To control the snake, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Be careful to avoid colliding with the snake itself or the edges of the play area.

Hit the Fruits
Hit the Fruits

Strike the fruits using the snake’s black tip to eat them and earn points. As you consume more fruits, the snake grows longer, increasing the game’s difficulty.

Supported Browsers

A list of all the supported Browsers that you can play Google Snake Game on.

Play Google Snake Game on Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Play Google Snake Game on Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
Play Google Snake Game on Apple Safari
Apple Safari
Play Google Snake Game on Firefox
Play Google Snake Game on Opera

*The Google Snake Game is compatible with multiple browsers, including Chrome for iOS/Android, Safari for iOS, Opera Mini, Brave for Desktop/Smartphones, Android Browser, UC Browser, QQ Browser, Baidu Browser, and KaiOS Browser. It may also function on other new browsers that support Javascript.

Available on

List of devices that Google Snake Game is available on

Smart TV’s

Collect Fruits

To enhance the game’s appeal for all players, we have substituted pellets with fruits.

Reset Score

Without needing to sign up, you can reset your score while still keeping a record of your previous scores in your browser.

Ad Free

Our Snake Game is entirely ad-free, ensuring an uninterrupted gameplay experience without any advertisements.


You can play our game on any device, provided it has a supported browser.

Requirements, Framework, and Technology

Our game, primarily built with JavaScript, operates seamlessly with CSS and HTML. It’s readily accessible on GitHub, offering customization options for developers. For those seeking online entertainment, you’ve hit the jackpot. Our platform hosts a variety of games, all available for you to play at no cost.

Available Everywhere!

This game is globally accessible, compatible with all devices, operating systems, screen types, consoles, and browsers.

Play Google Snake Game - Getting Started with Google Snake

Experience the Fresh Excitement with Google Snake Game

The Google Snake Game is a fantastic way to enjoy your time online. Available for play at any moment, it boasts simple controls and engaging gameplay. This game brings a sense of nostalgia, reminding us how much has changed. It’s perfect even for vacation time, with no in-app purchases, ads, or the need for logins and accounts. Crafted to appeal to all age groups, it’s hassle-free fun. Whether you’re using a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or even a smart TV, as long as your device supports a compatible browser, you’re set to go. We hope you find delight in our game and feel inspired to share it with others.

Playing the Google Snake Game

Play against your Friends and set records for them to beat.

Use Arrow Keys

Don’t hit the Wall

Try to score the Highest

This game is free of complexities, and works on almost all browsers without the need to download it on your device.

🥚 Tips & Tricks
  1. As you gather points, your snake grows in size, making navigation increasingly challenging. Additionally, you must avoid colliding with walls, as doing so will immediately end the game.
  2. Resetting your browser history will also reset your game score.
  3. On the game’s main screen, you have the option to increase the game’s speed.
  4. The Longer the Snake Gets, the longer the turns you need to take to avoid hitting your own snake.

Brief Guide and How-To:

Playing Google Snake is straightforward and just a few clicks away. Here’s a simplified guide to get you started

  1. Launch Your Browser

    Open any web browser of your choice on any device.

  2. Search for the Game

    Go to Google and search for “Play Google Snake Game.”

  3. Choose Your Version

    While Google often displays the game directly on the search page, you can explore various versions, including the latest Google-updated version on Google Maps.

  4. Begin a New Game

    Click on the “New Game” option to start playing.

  5. Navigate Using Arrow Keys

    Control the snake’s movement using the arrow keys for up, down, left, and right directions.

  6. Collect Points

    The game features different items to collect, such as pellets, coins, or fruits. Guide the snake to these items to earn points.


Rest assured with our Google Snake Game – from development to coding, everything is open source and readily accessible for you to review.


Our game includes a multiplayer feature where players can join at any time without needing an account. Simply select an alias and start playing and scoring. It’s a user-friendly option for families and friends.


If you’re cautious about sharing personal information online, our solution is perfect for you. We offer a beautifully crafted game that is entirely anonymous and free to play, ensuring your privacy while you enjoy gaming.


Our game and website are safe for access from any browser at any time, ensuring a seamless experience. With SSL encryption and numerous other security measures in place, your safety while browsing and playing is our top priority.

What Sets Our Snake Game Apart

Our game stands out in a crowded market for several key reasons. Firstly, it’s completely ad-free, offering an uninterrupted gaming experience. There’s no need for an account, membership, or even entering your real name or any personal information to play. We pride ourselves on providing a game with 100% uptime, ensuring constant availability. Designed with privacy in mind, our game doesn’t collect personal data but operates on cookies. This means the website stores only non-sensitive data in cookies. Free for all users, our game is accessible and enjoyable for every age group, creating a highly engaging and addictive experience.

Brief Guide and How-To:

  1. Launch Your Browser
  2. Search for the Game
  3. Choose Your Version
  4. Begin a New Game
  5. Navigate Using Arrow Keys
  6. Collect Points