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Google Snake Game

Unleash your skills in the invincible Google Snake Game and leave a legacy with a record that dares everyone to step up their game.

Get in the game and get ready to move like a pro! Simply click on the game and let those Arrow Keys or W(up), A(left), S(down), D(right) control your every move. Let the adventure begin!

Know Google Snake Game Better

Here is a quick walkthrough about the Game and the settings that you can play around with.

Number of fruits you have collected

This is where it will show how many fruits you have collected.

This shows the High Score

You will be able to see your High Score here, resetting every hour.

In Game Settings

Clicking this will take you to the In-Game Settings.

Click to play the game on Full Screen
Full Screen

This will let you play the game without distraction in Full Screen.

Choose the fruit you like

You can Choose the type of Fruit you want in the game.

Here you can choose the Speed of the snake.

Here you will be able to choose the Speed of the Snake.

Number of Fruits shown on the Canvas
Number of Fruits

You can choose the number of Fruits you want on your Canvas.

Choose the color of your Snake
Snake Color

You can Choose the color of your Snake as per your liking.

Play Google Snake Game Logo

Add Google Snake Game as Chrome Extension

You can now add Google Snake Game as your Chrome Extension and play Snake Game whenever you want with just a click.

Supported Browsers

A list of all the supported Browsers that you can play Google Snake Game on.

Play Google Snake Game for Chrome
Google Chrome
Play Google Snake Game on Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
Play Google Snake Game on Apple Safari
Apple Safari

*The Google Snake Game is compatible with multiple browsers, including Chrome for iOS/Android, Safari for iOS, Opera Mini, Brave for Desktop/Smartphones, Android Browser, UC Browser, QQ Browser, Baidu Browser, and KaiOS Browser. It may also function on other new browsers that support Javascript.

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Integrate Google Snake Game

Get easy integration with our dedicated WordPress plugin for Google Snake Game.

Available on

List of devices that Google Snake Game is available on

Smart TV’s

Collect Fruits

To make your Experience better, We have introduced Fruits as pellets in the game.

Reset Score

With every game you play, the game over resets the score for you automatically.

Ad Free

No Clumsy Ads, No interruptions, Enjoy all free Gameplay and amazing Snake Game.


Our servers are maintained in a way to have the servers up all the time, for 99%.

Play Google Snake Game - Getting Started with Google Snake

Explore the new Google Snake Game for a fresh and exciting experience

Our Google Snake Game is a completely new and fresh experience for you to play. You will see a beautiful Green canvas that can be customized in the settings with the color of your choice, you can select the color of your snake, the color of the canvas, the grid size of the canvas, the amount of fruits to collect, you can use Mods to customize the game even further. You can also customize the speed that you play at.

Playing the Google Snake Game

Play against your Friends and set records for them to beat.

Use Arrow Keys
Don’t hit the Wall
Try to score the Highest

This game is free of complexities, and works on almost all browsers without the need to download it on your device.

Tips & Tricks
  1. As you gather points, your snake grows in size, making navigation increasingly challenging. Additionally, you must avoid colliding with walls, as doing so will immediately end the game.
  2. Resetting your browser history will also reset your game score.
  3. On the game’s main screen, you have the option to increase the game’s speed.
  4. The Longer the Snake Gets, the longer the turns you need to take to avoid hitting your own snake.

Brief Guide and How-To:

Playing Google Snake is straightforward and just a few clicks away. Here’s a simplified guide to get you started

  1. Launch Your Browser

    Open any web browser of your choice on any device.Launch Your Browser

  2. Search for the Game

    Go to Google and search for “Play Google Snake Game.”Search for the Game

  3. Choose Your Version

    While Google often displays the game directly on the search page, you can explore various versions, including the latest Google-updated version on Google Maps.Choose Your Version

  4. Start a New Game

    Click on the Game play area to start your new game.Start a New Game

  5. Playing and Controlling the Snake

    Control the snake’s movement using the arrow keys for up, down, left, and right directions.Playing and Controlling the Snake

  6. Collect Points and Score

    The game features different items to collect, such as pellets, coins, or fruits. Guide the snake to these items to earn points.Collect Points and Score


Rest assured with our Google Snake Game – from development to coding, everything is open source and readily accessible for you to review.


Our game includes a multiplayer feature where players can join at any time without needing an account. Simply select an alias and start playing and scoring. It’s a user-friendly option for families and friends.


If you’re cautious about sharing personal information online, our solution is perfect for you. We offer a beautifully crafted game that is entirely anonymous and free to play, ensuring your privacy while you enjoy gaming.


Our game and website are safe for access from any browser at any time, ensuring a seamless experience. With SSL encryption and numerous other security measures in place, your safety while browsing and playing is our top priority.

Unique features of our snake game

Our game has several key reasons why it stands out in a crowded market. It is completely ad-free, providing an uninterrupted gaming experience. You don’t need an account, membership, or even enter personal information to play. We ensure 100% uptime, so the game is always available. Our game prioritizes privacy and only operates on cookies, storing non-sensitive data. It is free for all users and can be enjoyed by any age group, creating an engaging and addictive experience.

Brief Guide and How-To:

  1. Launch Your Browser
  2. Search for the Game
  3. Choose Your Version
  4. Begin a New Game
  5. Navigate Using Arrow Keys
  6. Collect Points

Play Google Snake Game on Smartphones and Tablets

It is very easy to play Google Snake Game on your Smartphone or Tablet devices, basically with any device that is controlled via touch, To play Google Snake Game on your Touch Device you can follow these instructions:

  1. Visit from in your Browser.
  2. Now that you are on the Google Snake Game browser home page, touch on the game.
  3. Now to move your snake up, you can swipe up on the canvas, to move it down, swipe down on your screen, to go left, swipe left, to go right, swipe right.

That’s all you need to do to play google snake game on your smartphones or tablet devices.

Improvements & Updates

Our Game has made a long way through the updates and revisions and we keep updating our game every week. The current game is completely different from what it was at first. Our inspiration was the classic Nokia Snake Game and the adaptation was taken from the Google Easter Egg Snake Game. The combination of these two games is what has been put infront of you in form of our version of Google Snake game.

  1. Classic Snake Game was a pixels version of the game, and our game is a graphical version.
  2. Classic Snake Game has a snake with no animations, however our snake game is present with cool animations and realistic touch.
  3. The Canvas in the Classic game was blank, our snake game has a checkered canvas and gives you better control over the game.

Also, our website is SSL Encrypted which means that your data and you are protected at all times.

Why are there so many versions of Google Snake Game on Google?

At first it was just a Google Easter Egg and the only result that you would get was the Google Snake Game, Google Doodle Snake Game, but then there were many other developers who took the initiative to change and modify the game and provide their own version of the game. And we have also submitted our version of the game which is quite similar to the original version of the game. You can enjoy any type of version that you would like to, and play it for free.

What are the Requirements to Play Google Snake Game?

There are no requirements as such, All you need is a device that has the latest version of the browser installed. Then you can visit our website and play our Google Snake Game.

Do I have to download anything to play this game?

No. As long as you are running the latest version of the browser you do not need to download anything in addition to what is already installed on your device.

Where can I create my Account?

You can not! Because our game does not need an account or anything. We are free to play, and anonymous, meaning that your data is not stored or shared across the internet.

What is the History behind Google Snake Game?

The Google Snake Game, also known simply as “Snake,” is a digital game that has its origins in the arcade game genre of the 1970s. The basic premise involves a snake that grows in length each time it consumes an item on the screen, with the game becoming more challenging as the snake’s length increases. This concept was popularised in the late 1990s and early 2000s through its inclusion on Nokia mobile phones, making it widely recognised and played around the world. Google’s version of the Snake Game, part of its broader offering of Easter eggs and interactive doodles, brings this classic game to modern audiences through the Google Search platform. It allows users to play a stylised version of the game directly in their web browser, showcasing Google’s playful side and its commitment to integrating entertainment and nostalgia into its search services. Over the years, the Google Snake Game has become a beloved pastime, reflecting the enduring popularity of simple, engaging gameplay.