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Cookie Clicker 5 – Addictive Incremental Game


Get ready for a sugar-filled adventure in “Cookie Clicker 5,” the latest installment of the iconic incremental game series. Dive into the delectable world of cookies, upgrades, and endless clicking as you embark on a quest to become the ultimate cookie tycoon. Click, upgrade, and automate your way to sweet success in this addictively delightful incremental game!

Click to Bake:

Immerse yourself in the simple joy of clicking to bake cookies. Start small by clicking your way to the first batch of cookies and watch as your baking empire begins to rise.

Upgrade Your Bakery:

Upgrade your bakery with a plethora of enhancements that boost your cookie production. Unlock new ovens, hire efficient bakers, and discover secret ingredients to maximize your cookie output.

Automated Cookie Production:

Progress from clicking to automation as you unlock cookie-producing structures. From grandma’s homemade cookies to high-tech cookie factories, witness your production soar without lifting a finger.

Grand Cookie Upgrades:

Purchase grand cookie upgrades that introduce exciting boosts and bonuses. Unleash the power of golden cookies, unlock special cookie flavors, and discover rare cookie artifacts that enhance your cookie-clicking journey.

Cookie Clicker 5: Bake Your Way to Sweet Success

Prestige System:

Embrace the prestige system to reset and earn heavenly chips that unlock permanent upgrades. Ascend to cookie heaven, but with each reset, come back stronger and more efficient than ever.

Cookie Challenges:

Take on cookie challenges that push your baking skills to the limit. Complete special tasks, overcome cookie trials, and earn unique rewards to showcase your cookie-clicking prowess.

Cookie Collector Achievements:

Become the ultimate cookie collector by unlocking a plethora of achievements. Reach milestones, accomplish special feats, and amass a collection of badges that highlight your incremental achievements.

Cookie Competitions:

Compete in global cookie competitions against players from around the world. Rise through the ranks, climb the leaderboard, and prove that your cookie empire reigns supreme.

Themed Seasons and Events:

Experience themed seasons and special events that bring fresh challenges and rewards. Celebrate holidays, participate in limited-time events, and embrace the festive spirit as you enhance your cookie empire.