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Crossy Chicken – Cross the Road Adventure


Strap on your feathers and get ready for a clucking good time in “Crossy Chicken,” where the road to freedom is paved with perilous paths and daring crossings. Join our brave chicken protagonist as it embarks on a journey to navigate busy roads, treacherous rivers, and unexpected obstacles. Can you guide Crossy Chicken safely to the other side and become the ultimate road-crossing maestro in this feathered adventure?

Feathered Protagonist:

Take control of Crossy Chicken, a fearless fowl with a determination to cross the road and reach new heights. Customize your chicken with quirky accessories and outfits as you embark on a journey filled with challenges.

Dynamic Crossing Challenges:

Navigate dynamic crossing challenges that range from bustling city streets to serene countryside roads. Each crossing presents a unique set of obstacles, requiring quick thinking and precision to avoid getting plucked.

Roadside Hazards:

Beware of roadside hazards including speeding cars, trucks, and other unexpected obstacles. Time your crossings wisely, weave through traffic, and avoid becoming roadkill on the path to feathered victory.

River Crossings:

Encounter river crossings that add an aquatic twist to your chicken’s adventure. Hop across logs, navigate floating platforms, and dodge swift currents to conquer the challenges of water crossings.

Crossy Chicken: Navigate the Road to Freedom

Collectible Goodies:

Collect seeds, corn, and other goodies scattered along the road to earn points and rewards. Use collected items to unlock special power-ups and enhance your chicken’s crossing abilities.

Power-Ups and Abilities:

Discover fun power-ups and special abilities that aid your chicken on its daring journey. Activate temporary invincibility, super-speed dashes, or even take to the skies for a bird’s-eye view of the crossing landscape.

Changing Environments:

Experience changing environments as you progress through different levels of the game. Cross roads in bustling urban landscapes, traverse idyllic farmlands, and adapt to diverse environments that keep the crossing experience fresh and exciting.

Multiplayer Crossings:

Challenge friends or players worldwide in multiplayer crossing battles. Compete to see who can lead their chicken across the road with the most finesse, or team up for cooperative crossings in challenging environments.

Time-Based Challenges:

Take on time-based challenges that test your speed and agility in crossing busy roads. Race against the clock, achieve high scores, and prove that your chicken has what it takes to be the fastest road-crosser in the coop.