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Doodle Cricket – Fun Cricket Google Doodle Game


Step onto the quirky pitch of Doodle Cricket, where the rules are as playful as the doodles themselves. Join a team of whimsical characters, each with its own unique cricketing charm. It’s not just about boundaries and wickets; it’s about embracing the joy of the game in a doodle-filled wonderland. Can you hit your way to victory and become the doodle cricket champion?

Doodle Stadium Spectacle:

Immerse yourself in the Doodle Stadium, a whimsical arena filled with doodles that come to life. From bouncing cricket balls with googly eyes to fielding characters with colorful personalities, every element is a delightful doodle creation.

Playful Characters:

Choose your team from a roster of playful characters, each bringing its own flair to the cricket pitch. Whether it’s a doodle cat with a swinging tail or a bouncing ball of energy, every teammate adds a touch of fun to the game.

Whacky Cricket Rules:

Throw away the conventional rulebook; in Doodle Cricket, the rules are as whacky as the doodles themselves. Expect surprise power-ups, spontaneous dance breaks, and unexpected twists that keep the game entertaining from start to finish.

Doodle Power-Ups:

Unleash doodle power-ups that add a burst of creativity to your cricketing strategy. From rainbow-colored bats to giant-sized cricket gloves, each power-up brings a dose of whimsy to your gameplay.

Doodle Cricket: A Whimsical Cricket Extravaganza

Dynamic Doodle Weather:

Experience dynamic doodle weather that adds an extra layer of unpredictability. Play in the sunshine, dodge raindrops, or adapt to sudden gusts of wind that can turn the tide of the match.

Team Doodle Chants:

Engage in team doodle chants that echo through the stadium. Cheerful doodle crowds celebrate your every move, turning the cricket match into a festive doodle celebration.

Doodle Cricket Challenges:

Take on doodle cricket challenges that test your hitting precision and strategic gameplay. Whether it’s hitting a doodle bullseye or scoring a maximum with unconventional strokes, the challenges keep the game fresh and exciting.

Cartoon Commentary:

Enjoy cartoon commentary that provides a humorous take on every play.Animated doodle commentators add a touch of comedy and witty remarks, turning the cricket match into a lively cartoon spectacle.

Global Doodle Leaderboards:

Compete on global doodle leaderboards and see how your cricket skills measure up against players worldwide. Aim for the top spot and showcase your prowess in the whimsical world of Doodle Cricket.