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Elvenar – Magical City Building Game


Embark on a mystical journey into the enchanting realm of Elvenar, where magic and strategy converge to shape the destiny of a vibrant, fantastical city. As the architect of your own destiny, you will weave together the tapestry of your civilization, blending elven elegance with human ingenuity to build a flourishing metropolis.

Magical Realms Unveiled:

Discover a rich, immersive world filled with magical landscapes, mythical creatures, and ancient wonders. Elvenar invites you to explore the untold secrets of a realm brimming with beauty and mystery.

Architectural Marvels:

Design and construct your city with stunning elven and human architecture. From ethereal treetop dwellings to grand human castles, each building reflects the unique harmony between two distinct civilizations.

Race Selection:

Choose to lead either the elegant Elves or the industrious Humans, each offering a different playstyle and unique units. Harness the strengths of your chosen race to overcome challenges and dominate your rivals.

Trade and Diplomacy:

Establish trade routes with neighboring cities and engage in diplomatic relations to foster alliances or wage strategic wars. The balance between cooperation and competition will determine the fate of your empire.

Magical City Building Game where Fantasy and Strategy Unite!

Mythical Units and Creatures:

Command an army of mythical creatures and powerful units in epic battles. From graceful unicorns to mighty golems, assemble a diverse force that adds a touch of magic to your military strategy.

Research and Progression:

Unlock the secrets of ancient technologies and harness the power of magic through a dynamic research tree. Shape the future of your city by advancing your civilization and unlocking new possibilities.

Dynamic Quests and Events:

Immerse yourself in a dynamic world with regularly updated quests and special events. Rise to the challenge and reap the rewards as you navigate through ever-changing scenarios.

Cultural Buildings and Decorations:

Infuse your city with character through a plethora of cultural buildings and decorations. Customize your realm with fountains, statues, and enchanting landscapes that reflect the soul of your civilization.

Guilds and Social Interaction:

Join or create a guild to collaborate with fellow players. Work together to unlock exclusive benefits, participate in guild expeditions, and engage in cooperative gameplay that adds depth to your Elvenar experience.