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Fall Beans – Fun-Filled Obstacle Race Game


Get ready to stumble, bumble, and tumble your way to victory in “Fall Beans,” the hilarious obstacle race game that will have you laughing out loud! Join a colorful cast of jellybean characters as they navigate insane obstacle courses filled with outrageous challenges and chaotic fun. Are you ready to outwit, outjump, and outbounce your way to the finish line?

Obstacle Courses:

Embark on a journey through wild and wacky obstacle courses filled with ridiculous challenges and outrageous hazards. From giant spinning hammers to slippery slopes and swinging pendulums, every level is a laugh-out-loud adventure!

Colorful Jellybean Characters:

Choose from a colorful cast of jellybean characters, each with its own unique appearance and personality. Whether you’re a bouncy blue bean or a zany yellow bean, there’s a character to suit every player’s style.

Physics-Based Gameplay:

Experience physics-based gameplay that adds an extra layer of chaos to the mayhem. Watch as your jellybean character wobbles, wiggles, and wobbles its way through each obstacle, creating hilarious moments at every turn.

Multiplayer Madness:

Compete against friends and players from around the world in multiplayer mode. Race head-to-head in real-time battles, or team up with friends to tackle co-op challenges and conquer the course together.

Bounce, Tumble, and Hilarious Hurdles Await in Fall Beans

Customizable Costumes:

Dress up your jellybean character in a variety of wacky costumes and accessories. From silly hats and funky glasses to outrageous outfits, there’s no limit to the fun you can have customizing your bean.

Power-Ups and Boosts:

Collect power-ups and boosts scattered throughout the courses to give your jellybean character an extra edge. From speed boosts and super jumps to invincibility and teleportation, use power-ups strategically to gain an advantage.

Dynamic Environments:

Race through dynamic environments that change and evolve as you progress through the game. From vibrant candy lands to treacherous jungle jungles, each environment offers a unique and exciting backdrop for your races.

Hilarious Ragdoll Physics:

Laugh out loud as your jellybean character tumbles, flops, and flails its way through the obstacles. With hilarious ragdoll physics, every collision and wipeout is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Weekly Challenges and Events:

Take on weekly challenges and events to earn exclusive rewards and unlock new content. Compete against players worldwide to climb the leaderboards and prove yourself as the ultimate Fall Beans champion.