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Idle Arks: Sail and Build 2 – Sea Adventure Building Game


Welcome aboard Idle Arks: Sail and Build 2! Embark on an epic sea adventure where you’ll navigate treacherous waters, salvage resources, and construct magnificent floating cities. As the captain of your own ark, it’s your duty to lead your crew to safety, explore new territories, and build a thriving civilization on the high seas.

Ark Construction:

Start with a humble raft and gradually upgrade it into a formidable ark capable of withstanding the harshest of oceanic conditions. Customize your ark’s design, expand its size, and fortify its structure to accommodate a growing population and resources.

Resource Salvaging:

Explore vast oceanic expanses teeming with resources waiting to be salvaged. Send out salvage teams to collect wood, metal, and other valuable materials from shipwrecks, debris fields, and undiscovered islands scattered across the seas.

City Building:

Transform your ark into a bustling floating city by constructing various buildings and facilities onboard. Build homes for your citizens, establish production facilities, and erect defensive structures to protect against pirate raids and natural disasters.

Expand Your Fleet:

As your ark grows in size and influence, unlock the ability to build and command additional ships in your fleet. Recruit skilled sailors, upgrade ship components, and assemble a formidable armada capable of exploring distant seas and defending against threats.

Set Sail on a Monumental Sea Adventure

Trade and Commerce:

Establish trade routes with neighboring arks and coastal settlements to exchange goods, resources, and technology. Negotiate trade agreements, barter for rare commodities, and amass wealth to finance further expansion and development.

Research and Innovation:

Invest in research projects and technological advancements to unlock new abilities and upgrades for your ark. Discover innovations in shipbuilding, resource extraction, and city planning to stay ahead of the curve and outpace rival civilizations.

Survival Challenges:

Navigate through dynamic weather patterns, treacherous storms, and other environmental hazards that pose a threat to your ark and its inhabitants. Adapt your strategies, stockpile emergency supplies, and implement evacuation plans to ensure the survival of your civilization.

Cultural Development:

Foster cultural growth and societal development among your citizens by promoting education, arts, and entertainment onboard your ark. Host festivals, organize cultural events, and encourage artistic expression to enhance the quality of life and morale of your populace.

Exploration and Discovery:

Embark on thrilling expeditions to uncharted territories, hidden islands, and legendary landmarks scattered throughout the vast expanse of the open sea. Uncover ancient mysteries, encounter exotic wildlife, and unravel the secrets of the deep blue.