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Cat Trap

Trap the Cat in the Cage to make sure she does not escape.

“Cat Trap,” also known as “Chat Noir” in some versions, is a captivating and challenging puzzle game that involves strategic maneuvering to trap a clever cat on a grid. The game presents a simple yet engaging concept where the player must prevent the cat from escaping off the grid.

The gameplay involves a grid filled with green dots, with the cat positioned randomly on the grid at the start of the game. The player’s goal is to trap the cat by clicking on the dots to turn them into obstacles (often represented as blocks or barriers). Each time the player clicks a dot to create an obstacle, the cat makes a move, leaping to an adjacent dot on the grid.

The challenge lies in anticipating the cat’s moves and strategically blocking its path, effectively trapping it within a limited area. The cat, programmed to find the shortest path to the edge of the grid, will always move optimally, making the game increasingly difficult as the player progresses.

“Cat Trap” is celebrated for its minimalistic design and straightforward yet intellectually stimulating gameplay. It tests the player’s foresight, pattern recognition, and tactical skills. This game is perfect for players who enjoy puzzles that require planning and strategy, offering a delightful blend of simplicity and mental challenge.